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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Maintenance Products

Pro-universal is a specially formulated, powerful, yet safer-to-use and kinder to the environment. This non-foaming, self rinsing coil cleaner is suitable for both condensor and evaporater coils.

Pro-universal has a special inhibitor that prevent its alkaline ingredient from attacking the aluminium. In addition, it leaves behind a mono-molecular coating on the coil to protect between treatments, making the next clean that bit easier.

  • Unique "triple-action"providing a degreaser, deodoriser and detergent all in one.
  • Availeble in both concentated and pre-mixed liquid and unique Granular vesions.
  • Non-foaming and non-corrosive-attacks the dirt not the fins.
  • Removes contamination that causes build up of slime and sludge in the drain pan.
  • Ideal for cassette and ducted a/c,s.
  • Leaves a protective coating on the fins to resist dirt and make cleaning easier.
  • Improves condenser efficiency.
Diversitech G2G Bubble + 1 Litre


Diversitech G2G Care 1 Litre


Diversitech G2G Coil +1 Litre


Diversitech G2G Foam + 1 Litre


Diversitech G2G Maintenance Pack


Diversitech G2G Universal 1 Litre


Gallo Gun


Gallo Gun Refill Cartridges co2 6 Pack




Pro-Clean 5 LITRES


Pro-Coil+ 5 Litres


Pro-Cool 5 Litres