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The Aspen Mini Orange Pumps.

  • Are designed to be installed:above the false ceiling where possible • in plastic trunking conduit • behind wall mounted evaporators By connecting the drain hose to the reservoir and placing the pump drive unit within the evaporator, condensate water can be pumped to a suitable drain.
  • Within the Mini Orange kit there are two reservoirs to choose from, one allows you to connect directly to the drain hose of the evaporator and the second reservoir can be placed directly into a condensate tray, providing it is sitting flat and horizontal.

Technical Specification

  •  Power supply: 230V - 20W Alternative voltages available
  • 1PH 50/60 Hz
  • Volt free N.O, N.C 8A resistive (5a inductive)
  • Hall effect semi conductor level sensors
  • Water flow rate: 14 ltrs (2 1/2 US gallons) at zero head
  • Maximum recommended head: 8mtrs
  • Maximum water temperature: 40ºC
  • CE marked Contents
  • 1x reservoir (32 x 70 x 40mm) (11/4" x 23/4" x 19/16")
  • 1x submersible reservoir
  • 1x pump unit (52 x 122 x 38mm) (2" x 43/4" x 11/2")
  • 1x orange rubber connector
  • 1x 150mm (6") length of 6mm (1/4") o/d vinyl tube
  • 1x 1.5m (5ft) length of 9mm (3/8" ) o/d vinyl tube
  • 1x 6-pin socket lead assembly
  • 1x self adhesive velcro
  • 4x cable ties

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